Owners Representation and Construction and Renovation Oversight Services 

A luxury residential construction project, regardless of size and scope, can feel like a daunting undertaking. I'm here to make it easy on you. The process, from concept to completion, can take months or years and requires a seemingly endless number of decisions to be made. When you are too busy to adequately monitor the progress of the project, I can serve as your owner’s representative so that you can enjoy the rest of your life. 

To provide engineering and construction observation expertise to help take a project from design and bidding, through construction and on to completion.

To collaborate with each owner, carefully customizing services to most effectively match the project's requirements and the owner's needs. We tailor services and adjust fees to provide only those services that are necessary to supplement the owner’s staff for the project.

Primary Role: 
Advisor and advocate for owner during disputes, disagreements, modifications, or Change Orders.


  • Master Plan and Pre-Construction

  • Value Engineering

  • Design and Budget Development

  • Construction Phase

  • Change Order Management

  • Payment Application Review

  • Contract Administration, Development, and Review

  • Project Documentation and Photographs 

  • Project Oversight

  • Purchasing of Specialized Products

  • Budget Management

  • Quality Control

  • Bid Management

  • Post-Construction and Project Close Out

  • Constructibility and Plan Review 

The Owner's Rep serves as the Owner's advocate, managing and monitoring vendors on their behalf, to ensure adherence to project goals and mission.

Detailed breakdown of Owners Representation services includes:

Master Plan and Pre-Construction

  • Assembling of team: architect, structural, electrical & HVAC engineer, landscape architect, interior designer Design team selection is equally as important as contractor selection  

  • Identifying roles and responsibilities for each member of the project team 

  • Coordinating between architect, builder, consultants and owner

  • Identifying/securing all applications, permits and approvals needed to start and complete the project

  • Working with local and state agencies to expedite paperwork and compliance issues

  • Resolution of local municipal and planning issues

  • Coordinating with utility companies and city agencies for incoming utility services

  • Attending all neighborhood, zoning and planning approval meetings

  • Community relations support as needed

  • Design Phase: review and oversight

  • Value engineering during design process

  • Reviewing of plans and specifications

  • Providing constructibility reviews to owner

  • Oversight of overall project coordination

  • Comprehensive project budget review and approval

  • Advising on potential project pitfalls and suggesting solutions

  • Coordinating and running project kick-off meetings with team


Design and Budget Development

Design and budget are considered to be the most important phase. I will handle:

  • Managing your budget

  • Closely evaluating every item of the project and detect any deficiencies that are not cost effective


Contract Administration, Development and Review

  • Handling contract negotiations and enforcement

  • Bringing strong negotiating skills and document expertise to every step

  • Development and oversight of budget

  • Value Engineering and cost control

  • Reviewing of changes submitted by the contractor with the architect’s office; keeping owner informed

  • Negotiating contracts with selected project team members on behalf of Client


Project oversight

  • Guiding a project from owner’s concept to move-in

  • Providing written and verbal reports to the owner and other groups as directed

  • Ensuring harmony between team


Budget management

  • Creating and managing budget

  • Managing weekly meetings with entire team

  • Representing the owner at regular project meetings - catching and resolving problems


Bid Management

  • Handling contractor review for bidding and selection

  • Managing the bid process

  • Ensuring the entire scope of the design documents is covered

  • Preparing bid packages & reviewing contract documents

  • Evaluating insurance requirements and options and assist in procurement of coverage

  • Evaluation of bids

  • Assisting in general contractor selection & contract negotiation

  • Scheduling review

  • Mitigating schedule delays

Constructibility / Plan Review

  • Reviewing the design documents for deficiencies to save wasted dollars in possible change orders


Value Engineering

  • Value engineering without devaluing the value of the final project

  • Most efficient before construction begins and during the design and bid phase

  • Closely evaluating every item of the project and detect any deficiencies that are not cost effective


Construction Phase

  • Representing the owner at regular project meetings

  • Advocating on the part of the owner during disputes, disagreements, modifications, or change orders

  • Project schedule review, management and oversight

  • Monitoring construction schedule and alert the owner to conditions that may lead to delays in the completion of work

  • Facilitating timely turnaround of shop drawings and submittals, by architects and vendors

  • Receiving and logging samples as required at the site and communicate results with the architect and owner

  • Conducting project meetings managing agendas, meeting minutes and action items

  • On-site oversight and daily construction monitoring

  • Providing daily or weekly documentation and written record as to the progress, problems and recommended solutions to owner and architect

  • Monitoring status of inspections, change orders, construction changes, shop drawings, products, and color schedules

  • Monitoring construction to make sure building for compliance with design and specifications

  • Observing tests required by the contract documents and/or as part of systems operations

  • Reviewing the contractor’s record copy of drawings specifications


Change Order Management

  • Ensuring cost control on change orders

  • Advocating on the part of the owner for all change orders

  • Ensuring costs are in-line with trade and material costs 

  • Reviewing and signing off on every change order

Payment Application Review

  • Ensuring accurate payment documentation

  • Reviewing and signing off on every payment application

  • Authorizing release of retention monies held


Project Documentation and Photographs

  • Electronic cataloging of photos and documents

  • Handling change orders

  • Producing shop drawings

  • Overseeing plan revisions

  • Managing permits documentation


Purchasing of Specialized Products

  • Creating and managing tracking sheet for purchasing specialized products to minimize any schedule delays

Quality Control

  • Daily inspection of all trades and materials


Post-Construction / Project Close Out

  • Ensuring owner has occupancy permits

  • Coordinating & managing architect, consultant and owner punch lists as construction nears completion

  • Reviewing installed equipment and make sure that all operations and maintenance manuals are transferred to owner

  • Providing warranty documentation to owner

  • Managing the delivery, acceptance and install of owner furnished items

  • Securing final acceptance by owner and architect before move-in

  • Hiring of staff and service vendors

  • Training of owner’s staff on building systems

  • Managing service vendors (see Estate and Property Management Link)

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